Hmm , its was a nite mare rite if we losing someone dat rely mean to us . dear my fwen , I noe dat u rely missing him . but , we can do nuthin fwen L cz , God lov him more . its seem lyke world is unfair rute fwen ? but , remember , u r having ur SPM diz year . life must go on my dear . im sure dat , he will owez watching u here . n dun wan to see u sad .
Hmm , pic above is ur memory . so sweet dear . u too luks similar . nice couple . Plz fwen , stat a new life k ? i noe its hard foe u , but , its must n u hav to du dat . im here wif u fwen . text me if u feel lonely . okee ? i love u fwen :)

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  1. to darina , hopefully u cant face this hardship. i know its hard for you to forget him. but i know that u're strong enuf dear. god loves him more. be strong k hunn?
    vera , thx for posting this.. :)